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Here at M+B, we’re lovely controlled with hair care so it solves that as an organisation we work out a number of new products. To give us feel more careful about the groaning bath cupboards we imagined it would be great to experience some of the stuff we’ve found as a portion of a new list. We’re estimating it Heard & Examined and the plan is to provide you honest reviews on some of the most ominous and most hyped products out there.

This month we’re working out Olaplex No.3 which is the three, at home step of the cult salon treatment. Olaplex is one of the safest treatments for bypassing loss when dying or lightening your hair, so it's certainly grown a must for gals who like to change up their colour.

What is it?

Olaplex No.3 is the third step in the salon procedure that you can work at home. It’s not a hair mask but a rebuilding strategy that helps to restore the protein warranties in your hair. It’s excellent if you use lots of bleach or if your beaches are broken as it'll support to rebuild and preserve them in within your salon treatments.

If you're super interested we've got blog support on Olaplex No.3 here you should absolutely check out. you can also check tips & review of European products.

How do you use it?

As this product is somewhat unusual we believed we’d provide you guys with a step by step tutorial on working it, in case you needed to seek it out at home. We did this as a fast treatment but you can give it on overnight if you need even stabler results.

Start by issuing some of the product into your help and then lightly work it into your hair.

Unlike a conventional hair mask, you require to apply the product from your sources to your ends to make the most out of the procedure. You also want to make assured that all of your hair is completely soaked before you devise it to work its charm.

We thought we’d take a fast snap of the container once we’d reached all of the hair to show you how much product we struggled for one treatment. Esme has super lengthy hair so if yours is less then you’ll certainly work even less, but we believe you’d be handy to get at least 4 practices out of one bottle.

Before starting the treatment to work a tangle teaser to gently separate the product over your strands. This will guarantee you have completely even coverage and will provide you with the best outcomes.

Once your treatment is completed you can then wash your hair, as usual, doing your normal shampoo and conditioner. We like the Tigi S-Factor Health Factor shampoo and conditioner as they’re also excellent at restoring and repairing broken hair.

Once you’re finished you can later leave dry your hair as usual.

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