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How to Treat and Prevent Split Ends using Oplaplex

Split ends are usually inescapable. No matter how difficult we try to dodge them, most of us have no option. Although it can be a nuisance to dispense with these finicky ends in among trims, there are steps you can use them to be less obvious! We discussed to hairstylist Elah Paskowitz of Sirens Hair Parlor in San Clemente, CA to see all the advice and abilities to manage and block these poor boys.

What Causes Split Ends?

Split ends are made for many purposes. From hair colouring and synthetic treatments to daily environmental pressure, your hair remains a lot, and split ends can be a warning that your hair requires a rest. “The most frequent reasons for split ends are dehydration from overwashing, overprocessing, too many of the faulty product or not just of the right product,” says Paskowitz. “Environmental pressure plays a huge factor in your hair tone with participation from dry climates and the sun. Heat devices wreak havoc on your locks. Blow dryers mainly cause injury by swelling out the epidermis making it split.”

How to Tell If You Have Split Ends

“It’s simple to know if you have broken ends: all will be dry and crumbly, matching a tree branch.” When examining your hair for split ends, take a peek at the ends quickly and see if you ought any hairs that seem “split.” Although split “ends” is the most simple form of this type of injury, Paskowitz writes that “they can too split mid-shaft.”

The Most Efficient Ways to Manage or Get Quit of Split Ends:

1. Get a Trim
The most simple efficient way to get quit of your split ends is to make the trim. “Although it may be a slow process going into the salon every few weeks, cutting off your split points is required to support hair health.”

2. Use a Serum
A high-quality serum is a way to go to get dry, split ends look smooth and clean. “Using this product after you bath will seal the skin and provide your ends with a temporary smooth look,” says Paskowitz.

3. Apply a Conditioning Mask
Maintaining your hair hydrated is of the most important when using split ends. “Buy great hair mask and apply it twice a week to secure in moisture.”

4. Add in Essential Oils
“Adding necessary oils to your shampoo or conditioner is a great way to boost hair health,” advises Paskowitz, who inspires adding purple, tea tree or rosemary oil to your hair care products. You can likewise use coconut oil and vitamin E oil for DIY hair protection.

5. Get an Olaplex Treatment
Olaplex is a favourite add-on hair treatment that aids strengthen and repair the hair skin, both stopping and fixing the wrong. “The method is a three-step method that your hairstylist can give for you. It runs great and assists with overall hair health, particularly on colour-treated hair.”

How to Stop Split Ends
There are several steps you can get to stop split ends and begin your cut last longer. 

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